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3Air / K3


K3 Lastmile solution is a patented fixed wireless bi-­directional access telecommunication network, which can deliver High‐speed Broadband Internet, Digital TV (also HD digital TV) and Pay per View services, VoIP and all other IP based services. The level of Triple play services are the same as standard cable network technology with a significant difference that we operate wirelessly, through the air.

The solution

The K3 Lastmile solution is particularly interesting for areas, where classical wired telcommunication infrastructure is old, has not enough capacity or does, because of technical or economic reasons, not exist.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the possibilities that the digital revolution opens up closer to all enterprises and people, so that nobody is excluded.

Our Vision

We strive to give customers full beneficial communications solutions, while keeping safety in mind.

Human Rights

We believe that telecommunications enables the exchange of ideas and access to information. We also recognize that we do face human rights challenges in markets where we operate. Respect and continuous improvement are therefore important parts of our approach to human rights.